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Nicholas W. Weiler, in collaboration with Stephen C. Schoonover, M.D.

"Filled with practical, researched advice that is simultaneously both spiritual and profoundly down to earth." -M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of The Road Less Traveled

Career planning as if your soul mattered.

For career purposes, we define soul as the inner me - the center of my being. It's that part of me that knows my deepest needs and aspirations and that's the source of my energy. Our Taking Charge process is designed to help people bring their souls to work so they can become happier, more fulfilled and even more productive on the job.

If you are like most people, you've had to struggle to reconcile your personal values and spiritual growth with the realities of the work world.

If you've worked for a large company, you've probably experienced career planning, leadership development, and other programs intended to help people find their way in the organization. If you're lucky, you may have actually had the opportunity to measure your own abilities against competency models for various positions to see how well you might fit.

However well-intended these programs may be, most such programs take as their starting point the needs of the company, not you. They work from the outside in, not the inside out.

Working from the inside.

When I was a Human Resources manager at GE, I had the opportunity to try a different approach to career development, one that begins with the individual's innermost values. GE is recognized as one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. It is also celebrated for its progressive management techniques.

With the help of Steve Schoonover, my co-author, we studied successful people and observed what really set them apart. Over a period of several years, we built a process we called "Taking Charge" that helped people become the directors of their own work lives by helping them work from their souls, their spiritual centers.

The people who went through this program became so successful that GE replicated it in their various divisions around the world. Many of these people point to the experience today as a life-changing event.

With Your Soul at Work, we make this spiritually based career and life planning program available to everyone who reads the book.

Spiritual Development as if the Work World Mattered