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Nicholas W. Weiler, in collaboration with Stephen C. Schoonover, M.D.

Table of Contents



Step 1. Breaking Old Mindsets

Reversing a Loss of Spirit

Deconstructing Myths that Lead to Self-defeat

Step 2. Contracting for Renewal

Negotiating Agreements with Yourself and Others

Step 3. Finding Your Calling

Taking Charge Process Introduction

Determining Your True Life Values

Tracking Your Life Stage Progression

Deciding What You Want to Do

Establishing Personal Criteria for Success

Identifying Potential Career Paths

Conducting Investigative Interviews

Choosing the Right Career Path

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses

Step 4. Making It Happen

Taking Charge Process Continues

Enriching Your Current Job

Marketing Yourself for Future Jobs

Overcoming Predictable Barriers

Communicating with a New Awareness

Step 5. Staying the Course

Running the Race to the Finish



Career and Life Workbook

Exercises and Self-Assessment Tools

Life Values

Life Stages

Longer-term Life Values

Peak Accomplishments

Personal Criteria for Success

Future Job Hypothesis Brainstorming

Future Job Hypothesis Consolidation

Investigative Interviews Planning

Core Competency Self-assessment

Role Determination

Leadership Competency Self-assessment

Current Job Enrichment

Marketing Planning

Barriers and Aids

Action Planning

Appendix A. Developmental Exercises

Appendix B. Investigative Interview Form


Take Charge
Career planning as if the soul mattered
Spiritual development as if the work world mattered
Surviving downsizing
Free excerpt: Determining life values
Free excerpt: Navigating life stages
Free excerpt: Critical Success Behaviors

Copyright 2001 by Nicholas W. Weiler and Stephen C. Schoonover