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Nicholas W. Weiler, in collaboration with Stephen C. Schoonover, M.D.

"Filled with practical, researched advice that is simultaneously both spiritual and profoundly down to earth." -M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of The Road Less Traveled

Take Charge of Your Career

Your Soul at Work "provides a truly unique bridge between the challenges of a professional career and the spiritual goals which alone give that struggle a satisfying and permanent meaning." Those are the words of Benedict J. Groeschel, author of Spiritual Passages.

However, Your Soul at Work is not just a feel-good exercise. You should only buy this book if you are ready to Take Charge of your career and turn it in a personally and spiritually satisfying direction.

"Taking Charge" is the name of the career planning process that Steve and I developed for some of the world's most successful corporations. These techniques and Steve's extensive research have revolutionized career and leadership development at many major corporations. Now, for the first time, these techniques are available to the public.

Making it real.

Your Soul at Work comes with an extensive workbook full of exercises. Taken as a whole, these exercises allow you to work through your own personal version of the Taking Charge process: The exercises will help you to:

  1. Review your current attitudes and learn some important myths that hinder career and life success
  2. Negotiate new, more productive agreements with yourself and your organization
  3. Clarify your most important life values and build career opportunities that allow you to achieve them
  4. Learn critical skills proven to distinguish those who succeed in their careers from those who don't
  5. Take positive action steps to enrich your current career and/or identify and negotiate yourself into a new one
  6. Tie your career into a higher life purpose that has personal and spiritual meaning for you
  7. Keep your eye continually on the larger context of what it all means for you.

If you are ready to take charge, you can buy the book right now. Otherwise, you can explore this site. You'll find a number of free excerpts from the book.

Career Planning as if Your Soul Mattered